Thursday, November 18, 2010

Local News

Hey friends!  Today was a bit of a surprise this morning.  I found out my name was promoted as part of an article about the wonderful show ViewFinder I am doing this weekend.  It was from our local paper the Columbus Alive!

It's funny how people precieve you, I guess I should be flattered but instead I'm pretty embarassed.  I was referred to as the "knit goddess Esther Myong Chung of Torn Angel", none of my other friends mentioned had weird titles put in front of their names nor the use of both their name and store name.  So odd.....

Not to mention they make more work for me!  They featured a lovely photo from my Etsy of the Mohawk Hunter hat which I had no intentions of making for this show but alas..... I must.  People want what they see pretty pictures of.

You can read the Article for youself right HERE!
Most Importantly you should come out and see what I have worked tiredlessly to produce for yourselves.  Cowls, fingerless wristlets, neck warmers, kanashi flower Hair pins and Cat's Bane yarn Guards!
Here's an amusing photo of me at work.  Being creative and using both my swift and ball winder sideways since I had no other ledges to attach them to the other night.

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