Monday, November 29, 2010

Silk and Me

Silk and me are generally not friends but I refuse to give up.  Most recent it was with Silk Charmeuse that I was attempting to tame.  This lovely light olive green swathe of 2 yards into a dress for a Burda Style challenge called Party Through the Decades .   I did once again a flapper style dress.  I had a party coming up anyways and I wanted to pratice making the handkerchief hemline.  Of course it couldn't be simple bodice top I had to split it diagonally to add some seaming for pattern.  Why I always want to make my life more difficult is beyond me.  Each individual piece wanted to swerve to the Bias and stretch forever!  There was a lot of paper and masking tape involved in keeping the shape as I sewed this beast together.  I finished and I am happy with it but the photos don't do the details justice.  The other thing that bothered me is the shaplessness but I have to keep reminding myself that is the style of the 20's to be shapeless.  Later I styled it with a cincher belt and I was much more pleased but this is not the weather to be wearing the dress either way right now.

Here are a few Inspiration photos that I worked with.

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