Thursday, November 17, 2011

Confines of the Body & Mind

This wordy post is brought to you by my stomach.
It is really amazing how your physical body can confine your mind or vice versa.  There are a million in one things to psych yourself out about.   I think my sickness today is a combination of them both.  Not only is my stomach being extremely non-agreeable (to the point where I fear to go in public too far from the WC) but I am having nightmares and bouts of uncertainty for my upcoming Grad school application process.  I may seem to be cool on the exterior when I discuss this prospect with people but on the inside I am a giddy teen waiting for my first portfolio review with watery eyes ready to burst in disappointment.

In actuality I am not doing bad at all.  I have all paper work filled out I just need to send out for my transcripts.  I have 2 of my 3 recommendations nailed down.  I have made 3 new pieces to show in my portfolio of the non-garment sort.  I have huge support from a lot of friends all around town.  They all seem to think I am a no brainer to get in.

My hang ups however are what keep me up at night.  I have e.mailed several times with no response to make an appointment to see the facilities and talk about my concerns with the application process and most importantly what they expect from the portfolio.  My third potential recommendation has been very hard to nail down and I am at the point to being stalking him for a meeting.  I have had numerous failed attempts to meet up with another current Grad student to try and get the inside scoop on the program.  Finally my letter of intent that I felt I was finally finished with needs a whole new re-edit because after scouring through the website again I find I did not address some things that were required of the program.

I know I can do this but it is all still terrifying to me and I just needed to put that out there.

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