Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Photo from Dr. Elena 

I have quite a few updates to make but I've been a bit flabbergasted by my fantastic meeting yesterday down at Ohio State University with the Department of Art Graduate Head.  In short all my questions were answered and I'm not behind or in a bad place at all with my application process.  They were very excited to meet me and it was good feelings all around.  I don't want to delve too deeply into it but I made a good impression and they are very supportive of me coming into their program.  The funny thing that I had been pondering, was where I fit in and oddly enough with where my work as an artist is heading I'm going to be more aligned with the ideas of the Art and Tech department rather then the Sculpture department.  Not that I will be giving up any of my  fiber and fashion but my approaches to them and new materials and methods make more sense in Art and Tech. 

In other news this weekend was Fantastic!  I sold both my pieces at the OAL One Night Fiction Event which includes the above eight foot long bubble scarf and my Tucked Leather skirt with Swarovski embellishments.  The Live auction was great!  I had never seen a live auction and to have one of my pieces selected was a real treat.  I got some footage of my piece but I have yet to load it.  hopefully tomorrow I can get her on there with some more details of the event.  I took pictures over the week to document the changes in the space and set up.  It is always interesting to me to see the transformation on spaces by other objects. 

From just these two things I am feeling very uplifted as more then just a fashion designer but as an artist where my heart truly lies.  A lot of people don't know this but I feel more comfortable calling myself a sculptor/artist then I do a fashion designer.  I love garments and I love the way they transform the body but not as much as I enjoy the response to those transformations and the ideas and feelings it sets into motion.  I feel like cloth, fiber and pattern were just the materials I have been working with and I am very happy to set out into a brave new world of technology and new materials.

Just from these two events I am feeling pretty worthwhile.  I've been so long outside of artistic conversations and critique I'd felt lost if what I was going was good work or forced art.  Most people at least in Undergrad hate Critique but I enjoy it if nothing else but for some validity on my work and input from an open standpoint.

There was so much more to this weekend but I haven't loaded the photos yet so I'll continue tomorrow!

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