Thursday, November 10, 2011


Superstitions - Most people would think they are bad or waste of time.  I think they are necessary.  They make us wonder and remember to be cautious for those things unseen.  A little bit of paranoia never hurt anybody.  It also shows a cultural awareness and nod to traditions.  I picked up this evil eye from Karavan on High Street this past weekend at Gallery hop.  I'm hoping it will help to alleviate some of the stress in my work life and it's just nice to look up from my bland cubicle to see something so artful.

American Horror Story - This is my current favorite show on TV right now.  I'm a sucker for anything horror, gore and suspense.  It's only about 4 episodes into the series but it's got a great feeling, just the right amount of story with reality, paranoia, scandals and of course ghosts both friendly and violent.  I really enjoy the way each episode is also laid out.  It starts with a former murder in that same house and then slowly through the episode it unfolds with how a member of the family finds out about the heinous past.  It's a very mixed bag of emotions with a sullen teenager, Psychiatrist dad who had an affair, and a Distressed Mother with a painful stillbirth (who also plays a mean melancholy cello).

Image from Flickr DesaBoneka
Double Dates - I've had two this week with my Husband and different couples.  It's always fun to see how another couple interacts and to talk about couple things together.  I think being a double date with another couple is much more intimate then just hanging with friends who happen to be dating.  There is a lot of consideration on both parts to make it a nice evening all around.  You can also feel free to be happy and not worry about that single friend of yours or if it's a blind date because the other couple is already established.  It's good to share conversations of the same intimacy levels because they also understand how you feel being in a solid relationship as well.

Sunbeams - Just the simple things like lying in a little sunlight to take a nap.  They are small fleeting and warm.  They also gather cats to them like moths to a flame.  I love how no matter how small they might be my chubby little Sophie tried to relish in their warmth.

New Projects - It always feel great to start something new.  I spent yesterday finishing up some old projects and little things that needed to be done to clear off my pattern table.  Now I can get a fresh start on some new projects such as that Coat for my friend Nicki.  Above is the socks I just started to knit for myself for winter.  Nothing special just a pretty self striping yarn to pop a little color outside of my new grey booties.

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