Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Dots and Dashes - OOTD

Just a quick one from this week.  I love the changing of season and going through the closet to change out summer to winter clothes.  My friends tell me they don't know anyone else who has such a huge wardrobe that they need to do an entire change out.  It's true, I have this amazing walk in closet and 6 drawer dresser but still I need to keep my summer/spring clothes in storage and switch out with my winter/fall clothes.  Maybe I will try to take some photos of my closet now that it is in order and organized.  Anyways I forgot I owned this polka dot skirt so I thought I would bring her out for a whirl again before it got too cold.

 Little boys Tuxedo shirt - Present from Brook
Polka Dot Skirt - Present from Injung from Korea
Grey booties - DSW
Earrings - Anne Holman

I haven't had my hair touched up in awhile because I simply can't afford it at this time.  I have other things I need to spend my money on such as materials for new art and fabrics for sewing.  I don't mind it,  I think I'll let it keep going as long as I can.  When it starts to look too funky I'll decide then.

Close up of the Booties that I just got.  I took a lot of time deciding and searching out these shoes.  I think it was three visits to DSW, two visits to Nordstorms and 3 visits to different Macy's later that I found these and fell in love.  I hope they are ready for the long winter and all the abuse I will be putting them through.

Just for fun I found this super old picture of me from at least 5 years ago in my old basement studio at the first Apartment Andy and I shared together.  No that is not a wig, I really had that intense pink hair with blunt cut bangs and I loved it.  I don't know why I was standing to "Super Hero" like either.

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