Monday, November 14, 2011

Beard Team Ohio & Lady Jane

This weekend was filled once again with events, sickness and Highjinx.
Friday I went to an art show at Capital University and was pleasantly surprised to find that they have a really nice gallery with gorgeous collection.  It is called Schumacher Gallery and it is on the 4th floor of their library.  My friend Nicki was the highlighted as the postcard for the event and of course her work was present as well.  Unfortunately I was not in a high photo mood so the only picture I took were of these worm eaten looking close ups of this one sculpture.

After that we headed to What the Rock?! for their 5th anniversary of the store.  I got some amazing Edward Gorey Tarot cards and won a raffle! (Which I still need to pick up).

We drove around town and trying to kill sometime before my friends Show for My Kid Sister. This when we came up the name for my unmoving backseat passenger. Lady Jane.  Because I already have so many mannequins in the house I was told she was not allowed inside that house.  So Lady Jane sits in my back seat as a silent  companion until I can figure out what to do with her.   The night ended at Jury room sharing some fried Gnocchi and Meatballs.

Saturday However was an evening of volunteering for Beard Team Ohio for their event "Ohio's Second Charity Beard and Mustache Competition and Festival, "Beards of Science"" On the down side I wasn't feeling totally ship shape so once again not so many photos.  I was being the most lazy photographer ever.  I waved people down to come to me and I stood on my car instead of going out into the crowd.   It was appropriately held at COSI.

 Completely Packed Room

 A variation on facial hair and cultures

 Horseplaying around

 Lady Beards
 My Friend Jill With an American Chainmail Beard

 This was one of my Favorites

 After Looking at the pictures afterwards I noticed that this one Spelled Ohio in his beard!

This Lion Mask was my favorite thing at the event

After several hours of doing ticket sales and not enough food or proper food I wasn't feeling so hot.  So home I went to relax with some home cooked Korean food and Ponyo.
Sunday I laid low of the most part uber stressing on my letter of Intent for Grad school application and made some new colors of bubble scarves for the upcoming Crafty Supermarket!  

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