Thursday, November 03, 2011


1. Crayons - The artists first tool is how I always like to think of them.  I just got a fresh box the other day to go with my Scribbles coloring book that I wanted to keep out on the dining table when we have guests.  Sort of a feel free to color in my book coffee table experience.  Not that I have all that may guests lately.  Also the amount of colors and how they have expanded themselves at Crayola is ridiculous.  I got a box of 96 crayons!  I love to just pick out the pretty colors read the color sniff the wax and put them back ( I might be weird for doing that).  It just brings back nostalgia.

2. Tokyolife - This book is pretty amazing.  I had it saved on my Amazon and then I was able to get it through my library.  It was this huge and thick tome that I wasn't expecting but pleasantly filled with oodles of knowledge and eye candy.  Each designer or artist that is features comes with a bio and essay written by someone else.  It's almost like an entire Pecha Kucha in a book form about Current Japanese Pop Culture and Art.  I still haven't finished it yet because there is so much content to read through.

3. Treat Yo Self - yup a movement I am well familiar with and I did treat myself last week.  I got this luxurious $160 leopard fleece blanket (on sale for $70 at Macys'). Two new pairs of shoes and a cute Harajuku Lovers purse.  Sometimes you need to just enjoy the material things in life without consequences.  I wasn't totally heedless, mind you I had a budget and some items were bought as parts of my completing a wedding registry.  Still it felt good.

4. Night Watch - The book not the movie.  It is a much better book then I had expected.  The world and how they describe is all just eerie and dark enough to give you the chills.  The way the story flips between point of views is something I also enjoyed and how it isn't just one continuous story line but several stories all surrounding one character who is not a big hero, not the best in his agency but he does his job.  I don't find it as scary as I've heard but I do have a larger tolerance for gore, fright and things that go bump in the night then most people (or so I'm told).

5. Graduate School Application.  Why is this something I love?  It seems a bit strange but forcing myself to go through this process and investigate has been a real joy.  It has been like peering into the looking glass to evaluate myself as an artist and my happiness with current life. There has been some ugliness I have found and this process but with the Graduate Application and my hopes of acceptance that will change the ugliness.  Personal life couldn't be better and this has also made me look through and appreciate the goodness and my budding married life.  My Husband has been nothing to supportive of this endeavor and I know it will be difficult but it also makes me happy to move forward in my life.

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