Friday, February 03, 2012

Bookbinding at Igloo Letter Press

I put together some friends to have a book binding class/party over at Igloo Letterpress.  Above were the three books we set out to make!  Two of them were hand sewn binding  and the third was a bit more artsy with the fanning pages.  The nice thing about the last one is when you open it up all the way it has a very dramatic affect (which I have a picture of at the bottom).

Allison as always was a great host showing us around the all the equipment she uses as well as answering a plethora of questions.  I had been here several times and even had my Save the Dates made here with a party for my Bridesmaids.

You can clearly see we are having a really good time.

Something new to me that Allison got was a corner rounder which I used on every edge of my first book. You set the paper into the corner and use your foot to drop the blade which rounds the corners.

One of my more favorite prints hanging in the shop. 

 The first two projects done.  Nicely rounded corners and a fancy sewn binding.

A very fancy version of the accordion style binding we were about to make.

It really is a great way to do something different with a bunch of friends.  It's also nice to have it as a private party so you get more attention and can ask Allison as many questions as you like.  For her time and the space it's basically $25 an hour per person unless you have more then 6 in your party then it drops to $20 an hour.  This bookbinding class was 3 hours longs so with the 6 of us it was $60 each.  They provided all the materials and then some.  We did a few extra projects that Allison was excited about showing us.  We also brought our own cookies, chips and drinks (BYOB).

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