Monday, February 13, 2012

Tie Dye gone Alright!

This is me following along on a very simple DIY I saw on Pintrest of something a mother did with her kids.  Well I don't have kids and why should they have all the fun?  This is a super simple and elegant way to do a tie dye affect.  I chose to stay with some basic colors to keep it classy and not kiddie and for sure far way from that ComFest feeling.

Tools are simple, rubbing alcohol, plastic or foam cup, rubber band, article or fabric you want to play on and sharpies!  It would of been nice If I had the dropper like they did but I'll pick on up next time.  I guess I could use a straw.

So you want to put the cup under whatever section you want to color and tie or put the rubber band tightly around the top.  Wherever the rubber band is secured that will end the saturation of the rubbing alcohol when you drop it on.  After it was secured I just drew a star burst in the colors I wanted when satisfied I dropped/poured the rubbing alcohol on it and watched the magic spread.  The nice thing about the cup on the bottom is that it catches the excess liquid and if you want you can turn it over and reuse it.  But be warned!  Just like a fire can be used to stop another oncoming fire the saturation of rubbing alcohol from one point to another can cancel each other out instead of flowing into each other.  When this happens you can get some strange circles or spread marking that you might or might not like.

I had a lot of fun with this but you also need to remember not to try and add colors once you started he saturation. It can kill your sharpie markers.  So it will take some playing and planning out if you want perfection.  The blue bled really well while my two different black pens barely budged at all.  I'm not sure if it was because they were old or the pigments with black are really ridged.

I hung it up while it dried in between circles and since then I've added to the left side under the arm.  it dries fairly quickly since it's rubbing alcohol but it doesn't hurt to have a fan or heater going while you are doing this to speed up the process if you are as impatient as I am.

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