Thursday, February 02, 2012

Ohayocon 2012

As usual I went to Ohayocon.  I am now 30, dressing up seems little silly to me but I still want to do it because it's an excuse to be totally geeked out.  This year however I had too many conflicting things going so I couldn't full dedicate myself to sucking in all the nerdiness.  I also unfortunately erased majority of my photos thinking they were part of a set of Glow Putt Putt photos I took from another day (boo hiss).  Either way it's always fun.  This year was unusually huge as well.  I normally have no problems getting parking in that garage next to North Market but that was full as well as the other closer ones such as the Hotel's own parking.  I ended up parking in the Nationwide Garage which was better because it had an interior and skywalk that dumped me right into the heart of things.

The famously congested stairs before they started to clear people out.

Furries on the loose!

That is a Hammer brother in the middle!
It always warms my heart that handicapped people brave the crowds because of their dedication to having a an awesome time.

Oh Thor.........

Now the Dangerous part for me is the dealer's room.  I was smart and waited till Sunday when the pass was only $10 to get into there.  I'm lucky if I walk out with less then 5 plushies, they are my Achilles heel.  I also really wanted to get a new H.naoto keychain similar to the one I got at Ohayocon 2011.
The Cute Hangry and Angry set up in the H.Naoto Booth.

I really wanted that bear bag but I have no place to wear it to, and as much as I like Lolita I never dress that way.  I may dress a little Aristocrat from time to time but nothing blatant.

The spoils of my Ohayocon adventure, small Heen, mint rreen llama, Toki Doki Unicorno and the one thing I went to the dealer room to get, a Final Fantasy Moogle.  I saw it in London at Picadilly circus but it cost 45 pounds!  that is over $80 US.  Thankfully he was much cheaper here only being $25.

If you've never gone it is seriously a treat just for people watching.  It's free to wander all you need to pay for is if you want a pass for the dealer's room, viewing rooms, gaming rooms, Cosplay Masquerade and Rave (yes they still do raves).  I hold out for the last day since I only care about the dealer's room to buy things and the pass is only $10 for that day as well.  The other days range from $35-55 depending which pass you get and for how many days.  Once gain well worth it!

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