Friday, February 17, 2012

Clean House

A few weeks ago I spent the entire weekend cleaning up my stashes and my upstairs craft room which is also our guest room.  They were all disasters.  Above is my stash after the clean up which I am also sharing with my shoe storage because I have just as many shoes as I do fat quarters.

I decided to try and organize my fabric by themes.  So we shall see how that works out. In my head I do all my projects by themes so hopefully this will help keep it all together for me, otherwise I need to work up a new system which I am not keen on.

This is the guest bedroom/craft room.  Total anarchy!  I have this bad habit of stacking things on the bed and piling up stacks of magazines that I don't have time to flip through.  when I am in a hurry I am also terrible about putting things back once I pulled them out and leaving it there for days (or weeks).  I know that when I lose a cat in this mess then it is high time to clean it all up. One of the hard lessons I am still working on as an adult owning our own home is that there is no one else there to clean up after you and we certainly need to get that lesson learned before we add some human babies in our lives rather then furbabies that can fend for themselves mostly.

Once everything is clean and organized it does feel fantastic! Sure there are still some small piles on the bed but these are different.  These are things on the bed because I can not have a guest here till the prints are hung or things that need to be moved to the basement studio because they never belonged in this room in the first place.  Keeping them on the bed is like a visual to do list instead of piled up catch all.

In addition to cleaning up I found the perfect solution of what to do with all my mini buttons I've been collecting and the fact that I have several inspiration cork boards with no pushpins. I simply bent the pin out and use them just like normal push pins.  It makes for a double inspiration!

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