Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Father's Shirt

Randomly my dad gave me this shirt the other day when I was visiting him. They don't live far just on the other side of town. I think he misses me a lot so I should try to visit them more, but that is besides the point of this post.  Dad gave me a shirt because he knew I had another shirt with the same blue pinstripes so he was trying to be thoughtful by giving me his.  It was a mans large of Old navy, I was swimming in it of course. I thought I would make the best out of it and turn it to a tunic shirt.

Here are some terrible pictures of me wearing the end result.  I am showing these first so we can end with the better looking photos because it really turned out nicely.

I struggled for a long time with the front of this shirt.  It needed some sort of shape and the darts every which way I did them were unsatisfactory.  Finally I folded in some pintuck seaming and I was smitten with the faux bib (for lack of a better word since my brain isn't functioning today).  I also rolled up the sleeves and stay stitched them down.

For the back I brought it into a box pleat in the middle so that it created an interesting drape and brought the shoulders and back up a fit so the front was more fit.
Amazing that I was able to do all this with a few selective stitches and not cut a single piece of fabric out of the shirt.

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