Sunday, February 05, 2012

Jason Wu Target Haul

I've been so out of it lately that I didn't even realize this was happening at first till some girlfriends told me.  Then I was super excited when I saw the pictures online, then I lost enthusiasm because a lot of the designer for Target projects have been more miss then hit.  Like Rodarte was weird sizing since it was meant for Tweens. Jean-Paul Gaultier just didn't have the fabrics I would of liked or structure in some of the pieces.  Zac Posen was amazing but small in size all around. 

Late last night I  peeked at the site again and checked out the opening for my local Target and decided I would hit it up because at the least I wanted the Cat t-shirt and maybe the robin's egg blue cardigan.  I set my alarm for 7:30am and set my mind to at least go check it out.  I woke up brushed my teeth and threw on some clothes.  I got there about 8:01am and the parking lot was already unusually filled.  As I walked inside I saw the chaos that typically goes down.  I took and deep breath and plunged into the shopping frenzy to grab my sizes.  As I started to meander to the accessories with my arms full of things I didn't intend to buy but wanted to try on anyways I heard someone shouting my name.  I looked up to see my friend Amie had also just come to get into the battle.  She had some friends with her and we had a good time.  She like me is an enabler when it comes to buying things.  So we make a dangerous duo.

I picked up much more then I expected but I'm very happy with it.
Robin's Egg Blue Cardigan
Cat T-shirt
Bicycle Wheel Dress
Jersey Block Dress

 This dress had too long of a waste for me but that is easily fixed with a large wide black belt.  The angle in this is terrible but it was also about 9:30 am when I took this after having only about 5 hours of sleep.
 Me and the Cardigan

 I would never wear it this way with this dress but I wanted to show the cardigan buttoned up.  It has the same snaps style that the yellow Rodarte cardigan has.  I hope more cardigans turn to snaps because I prefer them over the button style.

This is the Jersey Block dress that I wasn't expecting to get but I really love it.  The stripe between the Navy and red at the top is transparent the same way the finish around the collar and sleeves are.  Very simple details making it a little higher class.

The Cat T-shirt.  I love this.  So happy I went out early in the morning to get it.  I would of been happy if this was the only thing I could of gotten.

 If you were curious this is what my closet looks like that I was taking pictures in front of.  It's a huge mess stuffed with more clothes then I really need.  Funny enough this is after two rounds of cleaning this year and I consider these necessities.

The top is dresses, shirts, cardigans, the bottom is all skirts and 3 bins of belts, hats, legwarmers.  At the far back is sleepwear, specialty sweaters, Leggings, hosiery, and on the wall hangs inspirational pieces that don't fit me but I'll never part with.  In the back corner there are two very large tuperwares.  One is full of bags and purses the other is filled with summer clothes for the dresser.  Yes there is another dresser full of clothes that I change our seasonally.  Across the floor is overflow purses that I need to put away properly


  1. I love that first dress so much! I did all my shopping for this collection online, most of my order has shipped, I can't wait for it to arrive!

    Mal @ The Chic geek

    1. I was surprised how good the quality was considering some of the other lines they have carried in the past. You will love it!