Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Craft and Simple

 Do you read Refinery 29?  I do and I saw the above for sale in one of the mailers and I thought, "huh, that's pretty and super simple".  Then I looked at the price was like what? $7.00 for a set of 4, pffft I know that it's just fold over lingerie elastic.  So I did a little digging to my source and found that I could get 5 yards of this stuff for just $2.50 (not including shipping).  From 5 yards I can get at least 20-30 of these bands.

 I made my order for these three colors and now I am happily wearing them and giving them out to close friends to save them a pretty penny as well.  It is part of my obsession with how things work to know materials also.  I see every situation and craft as puzzle that needs to be solved.  I even started a sketch book this weekend of pictures of outfits that I like and then drawing out the flat patterns for them.  It is a sick curse but that also makes me more knowledgeable all around.

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