Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tabio Socks

 I finally got my brown paper package from the UK. 
My Tabio socks!

I like their postage it's very graphic and simple.

 2 pairs of toe socks
2 pairs of half socks
1 pair of ruffled ankle footie sock

 I love the way these look but it takes a little bit to get used to feeling of each toe being separated.  It also weirds me out a little to see my feet and for a split second think they are my hands.

 The half sock as an accessory over other socks is an idea to spice it up.

The half sock alone works well to protect heels in new pumps without giving you the weird toe bulk.  They are also handy to wear for sandals to protect your heel or make it a little more of snug fit. I like to wear them with flip flops when I am working in the cold basement to give my feet a little warmth but allowing my toes to be free.

Lastly the ruffled ankle footie is fun to wear alone as a house sock or with some flat ballet slipper type shoes.  It was a good sock to wear with my ankle boots because it protected the sole of my foot while allowing my tops to still breath in the boot and showing off the ruffles on top for a pop of color.

Overall I am very satisfied with my Tabio order.  Yes the socks are more expensive but the quality of them is far superior to any other socks I've looked at or tried.  I also live in a no shoes indoor household so it's nice to still see something pretty and fashionable on your feet when when you are relaxing.  I was surprised thinking the sock might even be too big for me since they are mostly one size fits all.  Instead they were a great fit and with the material they allow for a lot of stretch for larger feet as well.  I would say if you are willing to drop some serious money the shipping is nothing. These socks were well worth it to me and I look forward to making future orders of their other lines.


  1. I bought a pair of Tabio socks while in London a few years ago and absolutely fell in love w. them. I did not know they would mail to the US! I am off to visit their site now. Looks like you got some great additions to your sock drawer.

    1. I have been hawking their site for the past year and was exalted when they brought back the international shipping after the holidays! Shop on my friend!