Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Birthday Plunders!

Finally took a little time to capture pictures of majority of my spoils from my Birthday!
To start out my friend an artist John Mallet gave me this snazzy print. I always love his work!

A collection of books my Hubby got me and a Japanese paper craft book from my crafty friend Mary Moon.  I'm super excited about the pastry book and the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty book since I went to that exhibit in New York.

A small cache of jewelry that I treated myself the week leading up to my birthday.
Gold Bracelet is from Mary Catherine's
Owl Earrings from Thread on Grandview
Turquoise earrings from Spring Flea seller is Rubyblu
Gold Gnome necklace from Substance
The colorful bed bracelets are my own soon to be sold on my etsy

Close up of the Gnome.

My friend Beth got me this super awesome Alice print that is the words to Alice in wonderland making up the background. I'm trying to think of  a super special place I can put this so everyone can marvel at it when they come too the house.

Lastly this wonderful mint scarf from my friend Claire! She knows my trends too well.

The texture on this is divine! I only wish it was a little more spring like with cooler winds for me to flaunt the beauty about town. She got it from Scarf Shop.

 Last night my friend Angel gave me this sweet little bracelet that is mint, coral and gold. Perfect colors for the coming summer.

Tonight I meet my parent's for a birthday dinner of Korean BBQ and relaxing at home.  I have a huge stack of books to go through for inspiration from both the Birthday and Library. My spark is lit again and I'm getting back on track. You know it's good when you have a problems sleeping because your head is full of ideas and designs.

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