Friday, May 18, 2012

Spring Cleaning - The yarn Stash

This weekend I would love to be working on my little loom but I'll be heading to New Jersey for my best friend's Baby Shower. We also got the news of the start date for our kitchen remodel so I've started to pack things away and make room.

I finished this little project on the loom which will eventually be a camera strap. I had forgotten that I didn't have all the components to sew it into a functional strap after my weaving. You'd be amazed how specific you need to make the fittings to attach to the camera to make sure it will work. You wouldn't want your $500+ DSLR to hit the ground due to a  faulty strap, so I am going to do a good bit of research on the best attachments.

With all that being said let me show the Stash you came to see. This is just the yarns that are stored in the basement. I have about two other stash areas for yarns that are in more frequent rotation in upcoming or envisioned projects.

Blush colored yarns in silk and wool blends fill this 2x3x2' bin.

4 of these 5 bins are full of yarn as well. One of them was the above blush colored stash.

This is the majority of my stash of Cone yarns which can happily be used in weaving as well. A lot of this yarn was inherited from diligent dumpster diving when CCAD moved the fashion studio to their new home at the Design Studios on Broad a few years ago. Each of the bins has two layers of cones so I have easily close to 35-40 cones of yarn. Now I need to condense it all down even more and move it out of the way. Unfortunately my studio space is right where they need to do all the plumbing work for our kitchen and half bath.

One day my knitting machines are going to go crazy eating all of this up in the next few years. This isn't any cheap yarn either.  They are all wool, silk or cotton blends. You won't find any nasty acrylic in here.

I hope my stash and projects inspire you to start something fun from fiber this weekend! I'll be taking my tatting and knitting with me to the airport to keep me company.

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