Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Thoughts and Easy outfit - OOTD

 I love having Lavender in the backyard, it seems so nice and comes in through the kitchen windows. The flowers also last for such a long time. We are letting it overtake one of our flower beds next to the garage. Eventually I'd like to add some Sage into that bed as well. I'm also obsessed with getting a Gardenia shrub. You know, things that smell nice while we have friends over for BBQ's all summer since we will have no kitchen for about two months. I'm trying really hard to keep on the up and up and just cook everything in our freezer before we have to say goodbye to cooking inside. With this mentality of trying to be more easy breezy I've turned to long skirts and pretty hoodies for comfort with style.

Lace Hoodie - Antrhopologie
Grey Striped tank - Target
Mint pleated long skirt - Tobi
Silver Dr. Scholl's sandals - Zappos
Baby G watch

This may become a staple combination of what I'll wear to work all summer. It is comfortable, I can easily switch out one piece for after work exploits and the hoodie has pockets!  I prefer a long skirt at work because it can be cold with the AC on full blast in the cubes but then almost non-existent when I have to switch to the front desk. The option of being sleeveless when I go to lunch is a Plus and if It rains I have the hoodie.

Ignore my toenail paint, it is terrible. I will be re-doing that this weekend among other things which includes:
  • packing the kitchen more
  • time on the porch with water colors
  • warping my borrowed loom for an overshot project
  • trying my hand at Silk painting 
  • start some new embroideries
  • knitting & crochet per usual
My strange little thing I like to do when I declare it is summer is wear an anklet. I don't know why but even when no one can see it, this makes me feel complete in my outfit.
I got this little handcuff one from Pop Killer in LA

Do you have any secret Seasonal habits in your wardrobe?


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  2. Hi! Nice Scholl sandals! Do you still have them. How is the wear on the soles? I have the impression that the present Scholl sandals are of a lower quality that those from the 70ies.
    kind regards
    Annemarie (a Scholl fan from Holland, Europe)
    vanloenenannemarie (at)

  3. Your sandals are so pretty--they'd look eve better with socks!