Tuesday, May 08, 2012

You say it's your birthday!

Mr. Rabbit it has now been one year of us jumping down splendid rabbit holes together.
I however have been doing it for 31 years now.
I was born on Mother's Day in 1981. The only daughter and youngest sibling in my family.

I have been having a rather excellent birthday. Started this morning with a lot of kitty love with my husband bringing me each cat when I woke up for snuggles.  Last night he also let me watch all the K-drama I wanted while knitting on the big TV and gave me my presents  bit early, a lot of books! I'll post more pictures tomorrow since today my flickr is being disagreeable.

I also got my beautiful Bulky Knitting Machine from ebay!

The best thing which I had theorized is that the punch card patterns that I already have would work on this machine as well. Which they do! There was a small snap with the shipping where the knobs on the knitting carriage were bent out of shape and mostly destroyed.

 It makes me a little sad but I was inventive and took my rubber mallet to it.  The screws are straightened out enough that I can attach the knit carriage to the machine but the knobs are still destroyed and I need pliers to take them on and off.  Also if I ever want those screws replaced I will have to dremel them off the knit carriage which I am a bit afraid to do.

There are few things I want to get done this week on the blog. A book review, outfit of the day (or many days), snapshot of what I got when I was in Chicago a few weeks ago and snap shots of what I got for my Birthday both for myself and by loved ones!

Cheers friends!

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