Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I am dying right now trying to come up with an artist statement and artist bio for this show I applying for. The deadline is of course TOMORROW. I heard about it over the weekend and put that e.mail aside from my friend because I just wanted to enjoy my weekend. Why do I always seem to apply for things last minute?

What I did instead of taking care of this was packing our kitchen away and go to a multitude of cookouts. I also wound an entire box of yarn skeins that I had gotten in last week in between filling up this amazing pool we got at target for $79.99 that came with a filtration unit.

The pool was totally worth it, ten feet by thirty inches high of pure cold relaxation.

But seriously back to the art stuff.
I have probably revised my artist statement about 6 times and still have nothing. I just feel like such a snob when I write them or as my friend Jay refers to himself #artjerk . As you can see I am procrastinating even as I type this blog because it is yet another thing I can do to avoid putting labels and explaining my inner dialogue that I don't even understand that represents myself as an artist.

I also need ten images to submit. I'm not doing very well.......

Let's go over some basics about my work. I work in fiber and fabric. I enjoy clothing the human body. I also enjoy depicting parts of the human body and inner workings through embellishments on fabric. I like to emulate patterns in nature when I make my garments. I feel like fabric and fiber mimic the building blocks of the human body just as they are the building blocks for my projects. I view my work as soft sculpture with the body as a canvas rather then fashion clothing.

Why can't my artist statement be as simply stated as I did above? Oh because it's art, because people tend to not take you as seriously unless you have a bit of long winded response. They want to sit around and prod and poke you with their "why" stick. I learned how to take and defend your work during a critique very well at the Art Institute of Chicago but in terms of writing my own artist statement there wasn't a class for undergraduates.  I think my Liberal Arts classes involved class title such as "Opera", "Norse Mythology", "Failure"(yes it was a class all about failure), "Meteorology", "Korean History" and "French". The most critical writing we did was in Art history and well that isn't very creative just regurgitating facts and commentary.

Well I guess I will stop my sniveling here and troll some other artist sites that I admire, or who's work is similar to mine and see what they have to say and how they said it. I will most likely watch that Art21 episode of Ann Hamilton again as well.


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