Friday, June 03, 2011

Another Chicago Day

Chicago's weather threw me for a loop (ha ha get it? Chicago, Loop).  Anyways I thought it would be toasty hot there but turned out to be quite chilly.  Luckily I over packed and so I wore layers upon layers to keep my wee self warm.  On my way to Chicago I actually turned back about 15 minutes onto the highway to go back and get this Navy Cardigan and am I ever glad I did!

This is what I was initially going to wear then I walked outside.
And then I came back in and put on some pants.
Navy Cardigan from Anthropologie
Knot Heart belt from UO
RVCA Storm dress from Karmaloop
Grey American Apparel tank dress
Express Re-Rock Bootcut jeans
Sam Edelman gladiator Sandals
Turquoise stone ring from Anthropologie
Strawberry (Ichigo) Head necklace from Hazel by Haoshi

My Friend took me to some of her favorite spots in Chicago such as this Cereal Bar/Seafood restaurant.

Then to the Margie's Candies

My one request for this trip was to hit Kuma Corner!

A most delicious burger as big as my face!
I got the "Lair of the Minotaur"
Caramelized Onions, Pancetta, Brie, Bourbon Soaked Pears


  1. Is that Glenn's Diner? I freaking love that place for breakfast. Also, I covet that ring.

  2. @clairehelene7 it Might be.... we were in & out so fast I don't remember the name.