Monday, June 06, 2011

Weekend Bliss

Despite still being sick and an unfortunate monthly visit from "Aunt Irma" I had a great weekend.  Very jam packed busy but also productive.
Friday after work I went through the process of going back to my natural hair color - bluish green.  It took about 3 hours.  For Asian hair my hair dyes remarkably well.  Actually for any hair it dyes really well.  The first step was going blonde.  That process usually takes people 2-3 processes to get it to go this light but for me it only takes once during a one hour process.

It is still a little brassy for about 3-4 inches where I used this one dye then the remaining  was as blonde as my roots, but it's all going to be covered over again so I'm not that worried.  Having hair the color of skittles is an ongoing process and the first dye out is always not as good as you hoped.  Fresh hair at the roots will always seem to give you the best color.

Under the Dryer for the blue/green.  I sat there for another 20 mins and the rest of the time was just applying the bleach, rinse & shampoo, then applying the dye with another rinse & shampoo followed by being blown out.  My stylist is Stephanie Mahone and she is FANTASTIC! 

  My Final Result when I was shopping in Target!  It's a little more green then I would like but like I said it's a process.  The next time we'll add some blue and I might go for a sweet baby blue layer as well that I saw this nifty Crafter at the Midwest Craft Caucus had in her hair.

Also that weekend my middle brother announced his Engagement finally.  There unfortunately was not much of a story to share.  They were in Florida went out for a nice dinner and he proposed (not even on one knee).  I like to akin my brother with Buster from "Arrested Development".  Always going to the beat of a separate drummer then the rest of the family, also quiet and in his own world apart from ours.  One the way back my oldest brother forced us to stop at the Outlet malls at Jeffersonville which are always great but not when it is 95 degrees outside wearing a dark blue maxi dress and gold chunky platform heels.

I did however pick up my first Coach bag!  I'm not huge into labels but this style of Coach bag I had my eyes on since it came out several years ago.  I would of liked it in a baby blue color but my choices were slim being at the outlet.  Originally a $358.00 bag I got for $141.00.  This is also my first grown up purse to own!  I named her Stella.  She is gorgeous and everything I wanted in a grown up bag.

Since we were forced to endure the ungodly heat and my feet were still sore from the Wedding shenanigans of my best friend I had to stop and buy some cheap flip flops.  At least they had Jolly Roger's that was their one redeeming quality and surprisingly at J.crew.

There was also the Midwest Craft Caucus this weekend but that deserves it's own post as well as my National Advertisement with Brother Sewing machines!


  1. love love the hair color. I really like multi tones- blue green looks really awesome.


  2. @Chey Thanks it feels so good to be back to my natural color ;)