Friday, June 10, 2011

Just a little Craft

I took some photos of my newest little creations for Craft shows.  I try to get in a little here and there to make some new things since I don't want to be bum-rushed after the wedding to make new stock for the fall shows.  This year I decided I might try and apply for some shows outside of Columbus just to see if I can cut it or not.  Also the extra cash would be great.

Needle felted Pin Cushion Rings

 Fabric Hair Kazanshi Clips

The hardest thing for me is trying to keep true to my Identity fashion wise as Torn Angel and be selling my crafts under that same name.  I've teetered back and forth with using my side teaching name to sell my crafts but I've been under the name Torn Angel for the past 3 years at craft shows I don't want to rock the boat with changing names.  Also since I started out primarily as clothing and knitwear I've had to change my craft a bit to accommodate for the other seasons or just to have items that are year round friendly.  That has been my biggest challenge in trying to stay true to my aesthetic under Torn Angel.  I find there are so many things I could make that would probably sell well but they don't fit in the overall identity of what I am heading towards for Torn Angel.  It's a slippery slope my friends trying to be in the art/fashion game while still enjoying and trucking it through the craft circuits.  Just this year is the first time I felt comfortable putting my craft out in other stores as consignment.

I will be at Independents day (you know, since I am the organizer for Craft Alley and all) and I am applying once again for Craftin' Outlaws.  Hope to see you at one of those events!

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