Monday, June 27, 2011

A clutch of Eggs

With all this crazy wind and rain my fiancee felt our hanging ferns out front were going to get knocked down.  Being the proactive guy that he is with things pertaining to the house he went to bring them down before the weather alert started.  We knew we had a nest in one of them but didn't realize both of them had nests.

 The nests are so tiny and delicate.  The eggs look so small and dainty as well, almost like they aren't real but porcelain.  I loved the way the nests are woven and shaped together.  It gives me some ideas for prints or manipulations I'd like to try in fabric.  It's a very cool concept of having something so drastic and opposite looking nestled inside something else.

The Second Nest is below which also contained an egg that did not belong.

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