Thursday, June 30, 2011

TiLT - Comfest Weekend Edition

1. Comfest. It is a yearly Community Festival in Columbus, Ohio.  The things I know it for are topless saggy titties with body paint, fair food, music, beer booths with tokens, booths selling craft and handmade wares amongst other weird paraphernalia and running into random friends around the park.  What is really is I'm not sure but here's a link.

2 .Steak and most importantly Cheese on a Stick.  These are Comfest staples.  To me there is no Comfest until I have consumed both these things, the rest of the time is just details.  I love having fair type food and not being at a normal fair.  Also the Fish boats from Queens table are Amazing......

3. Community. Just connecting with friends at the booths and catching up.  I love being a part of a rich and talented community.  There are so many different people and so many wonderful things going on, being at one of these events is a good way to catch up and see what new things are happening.  I am also able to let a lot of other people know personally what events I am involved in and how they can help our or particpate (cough Independent's day cough)

4.  Out and about.  It warms my heart to see handicapped (or handi-capable) people out and about at such a hugely crowded festival.  Even better when I see people helping them out and around.  Total stranger's being considerate and respectful, it makes such a crowed cluster a good experience for everyone.

5.  People Watching. Also spotting oddities that people do.  It's one of my favorite past times and what better place to do it then at a huge festival event.  So this Statue has a shirt on it every year, this was just the first year that I noticed it.  I found it charming.  Usually there is a little pond that we can sit by but this year it was drained and they are working on putting a new fountain in it.  Every year some idiot decides to swim in the pond full of grossness and carp.  Yes I said Carp not crap but I'm sure that was in the pond as well.

Have you been to any great festivals lately?  And what are your favorite things about them?

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