Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Midwest Craft Caucus

 It was a great event.  One that I wish I could of been a part of the entire time but even going for just the Sunday portion was a great experience.  Olivera of Wholly Craft was the main organizer of this event and it came together great.  We had such a huge list of speakers and panels leaders.
 We got to hear from Danielle a representative for Etsy about the great conglomerate and how it started, where it's going and what changes are happening.  It was also wonderful for everyone to get a chance and ask her in depth questions regarding, sales, listings, business practices etc.

Other Great Panels provided information on hiring interns/employees, small business legals, how to take better stock photos, booth set up and presentation for craft shows and events, keeping relations with current and making new customers and those are just to name a few.
 Each panel was packed with a lot of eager people to learn as well as seasoned crafters to put their knowledge out to the collective.  A lot of great conversations were started as well as new friendships and connections.  Some of the key panels that I think were especially helpful were about pricing your work, how to apply for craft shows and inquire why did not get in with grace, also how to get published

Craftin' Outlaws Showcase Showdown!
This was Saturday night after the first day of the Caucus.  We had a mini craft show with the Craft Corner Deathmatch as the highlight of the evening.  We had a great turn out and it helped that it was near tornado weather outside so people got to be stuck indoors drinking more free beer and shopping around while they waited it out. 

I shared a table with my friend Laura Stith of Creux Poche who does these cute reversible fabric bowls.

Some close- ups of a few of my wares that I brought out..  it is hard to be a knitter and sell for these warm months so I have evolved myself into some knit accessories such as my Cat's Band yarn Guards, then my Sewing Pincushion rings and just cute Kanashi type hair pins that I enjoy making.

Here's AmyD Sporting the Craft Corner Deathmatch Champion Belt before the real show begins!
The judges seriously deliberating and trash talking as the teams work hard on their crafts all for the Glory of an Original Flamestitch champion belt.  It was great times and I made out better then I expected for this first time event.  I'm excited to apply for Craftin' Outlaws.  If I get in this will be my 3rd year with them.  
I've also just released the applications for Independents day 2011 also so I'll be busy with that.  I might as well commit Social Suicide because with the wedding coming up and all the sewing and DIY decorations I have I'm not going to have a social life at all.

If you would like to Apply for Craft Alley the Application can be found here!

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