Tuesday, June 07, 2011

My Alternative Wedding veil DIY

*This is a re-post from my To Muse On Wedding Blog*

Instead of a normal Veil if you remember I wanted a unique headpiece.  I received it in the mail a few weeks ago from the UK Etsy Seller Janine Basil.  I love her crystal encrusted versions (around $125) but I just couldn't spend that much money on it so I settled for the plain base for $25.00 and then added the crystals myself.
A lot of DIY projects are only worth it for either sentimental value or to save money.  If it is for the later like me on most things for this wedding timing is everything.  I knew that I got coupons periodically from Artbeads.com and so I bid my time waiting for those sweet savings before I made my order.

I chose 3 different colors for my crystals.  A blue that matched closely to the blue on the embroidery, a moonlight crystal and jet black rhinestones.  I decided to make it easy for myself and got the "hotfix" kind that come with a adhesive on the back already that melts and sets with an rhinestone setting heat tool.  My rhinestones were in total around $55 and the tool was about $3.00 with a coupon from Joanne's.  So I saved about $40-50 bucks doing it myself and it was fun!

Below is my finished result.  I used 2 different sized stones as well, smaller for the black outlines and larger for the fill in.  I got quite a few variants of stone sizes before settling down on what I got.  Bigger is not always the best way to go for fillers because then you lose some of the detail.  Yet I knew I didn't want to go tiny either because I would of hated myself trying to set all those stones.  Doing the smaller black size was a pain as it was.  It is nice to have the definition also of the contrast between the filler and outline stones.

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