Thursday, June 23, 2011

Appreciate the little things

I finally got in my order from Denver Fabrics for some Swatches and wow, not exactly what I was expecting.  but I know one of them will work and it will be wonderful.  I'm just happy they came in and were fairly cheap.  I did half yard amounts so I can hopefully get the bodice for one or both dresses done.  These two dresses I am working on are for the singers in the Band at our wedding.  My friends Cover Band "My Kid Sister" was kind enough to let us be their first wedding!  As a Thank you to them I wanted to make them all a coordinating look.

 So here is my quick sketch just to give an idea of what the dresses will look like.  it's a 50's style bodice that is halter since it will but HOT in August or at least I expect it to be.  The first singer doesn't like things as tight fitting so I am giving her a full skirt.  The other singer says the tighter the better so she is getting a more Mad Men office girl look with a pencil type skirt and kick pleat in the back so she can still move and walk.  The men in the group will get coordinating bowties and I ask they wear suspenders and short sleeved white shirts.  I don't mind if they wear Dark denim jeans or dress pants.

 These are the swatches that I've gotten in the Pale green is out.  It's just too similar to my bridal colors and doesn't look good on the skin color of the ladies.  Dark Green and Blue are the options now.   I finished the draping over a month ago I just needed to wait some things out and get the measurements from the Ladies.  Now that I have it all I can start again.  The wedding dress is on a little bit of a stall as I wait for some more materials to be mailed to me from best friend which she got from our other best friend in Korea.  Just some authentic Korean Hanbok elements to add into my dress.

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