Friday, June 24, 2011

Hello Garden!

 We have been having an unexpected amount of heavy rains and flash storms here in Columbus, Ohio but I took the chance for some small dry moments to head out into the backyard for some OTD photos.  Small snag with where I wanted to shoot at but I'll address that at the end.  Time to look pretty!

 Express one piece Tank Dress with draping bead & chain trim
Converse Grey Pinstripe Blouse from Target
Christian Dior Bow Earrings from Best Friend 
(no really my best friend gave them to me there is no link)
Baby G- Pink Square Watch
Cream Coach Purse from Coach Outlet in Jeffersonville
White Rabbit key chain from Coach at Easton
Michael Kors Silver Sandals

I love this picture, I feel like it could very well be an advertisement for Coach or a website promo image.

As much as I love my Michael Kors silver heels there is no way I can get through my entire work day walking around in them, so the practicality comes in of substituting them at work with my trusty ole Silver Dr Scholl's slides. My little Girl Rambo loves to be in pictures.  Sometimes I think I should just give up and incorporate her then she will probably hate being in the photos.  This is a theory I need to explore.

Below is the reason why I had a little snag in taking my photos.  I was setting up and taking test shots when I noticed past our lovely daisies were my neighbor's granny panties drying in their glory for all to see.  This does not a pretty picture make.  A funny one it does make!  I was fortunate that the leopard prints were not out in full effect.  It really is not charming to come home from work to see across your little neighborhood fence rows of granny panties blowing in the breeze.

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