Friday, February 04, 2011

Ohayocon 2011

I went per usual to Ohayocon this year but unlike the norm I only went for at tops an hour and a half opposed to my usual all day Saturday festivities.  I just had other more adult things to do this year like my Letterpress party with my Bridesmaids.

Typically I love Ohayocon for all it's badness. Kids doing Cosplay and not showering for days, watching nerdy reunions and people geek out in game rooms, people randomly napping in all nooks and crannies of the convention center and meeting rooms at the Hyatt, and lastly the Vendors.  I really love the vendors.  It's like all the spledidness from the internets of Manga/Anime Geekdom convulge into one place locally for me.  Sure there are bigger and better Cons but this one is practically in my backyard and for what I want to do mostly free.

The people watching is the best.  Just a bunch of awkward people usually who feel a little outcast for being otaku's and then happily being surrounded by virtually themselves in all different ages and sizes and costumes.  My favorite is when someone trips with their sword on the stairs into other people ( I know I'm kinda mean).

I watch Anime and read Manga myself but I'm not totally otaku about it.  Sure I've done a little cosplay but nothing that drastic.  I have done NaNa Osaki a couple times and then Dr. Girlfriend from Venture Brothers on Adult Swim.   This year I said if I was going to go I would dress up as Paprika since she's pretty simple and low-key.  This year was no time and since I wasn't going on a major day I just went scoping it all out with my camera.

Enjoy the madness Below!

This was Actually a pretty keen Leather Armor piece that they were selling at the LARP looking booth

This Booth is a pretty regular spot, making polar fleece animal hats

My Plushie HEAVEN!

This was the first year I saw H.Naoto that I can remember here.  Very cute Goth/Punk/Lolita boutique but it's not like I wear any of that anymore.  The Visual Kei boys were KYOOOT to look at though!  I guess the guy in my photo is a little bit famous with Sixh.IBI.  With a little bit of research I found out that he is a designer for the brand. Which I wish I knew beforehand so I totally could of talked a little shop with him instead of just flirting with another Visual Kei boy at the booth (Don't tell my fiancee ( Oh crap he reads this sometimes)).  Perhaps next year I will get decked out in some of my MOOL from Korea and my Vivienne Westwood.

She was my Absolute Favorite Cosplay I saw on Sunday.  She looked good, the costume was good, right body type and special place in my heart because I do Dr. Girlfriend for Cosplay also.

And leaving the Con is always an interesting sight in itself.

Finally my Spoils from the short time in the dealers room but at this point in my life there isn't all that much stuff that I need or want from Anime or Manga.  I got  a Zero Plushie from Nightmare before Christmas and an H.naoto Hangry keychain.

I love the dsetail on this keycahin how even on the back they didn't skimp on it.  It is my new favorite accessory right now.   

Perhaps next year you will be enchanted or curious to come out with me and check out Ohayocon! At the very least it makes for some fun free people watching!

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