Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flea Swap at the Gangway

Flea Swap - entirely different yet somewhat reminiscent of a flea market.  The idea with this is that everyone brings 10-20 pieces of clothing, shoes, accessories.  Not just thing's they are getting rid of but perhaps things they want to see go to a good home where you have maybe one them once so that someone else can enjoy them and give them new life.  After all the garments are assembled what can be hung is done so and the browsing begins.

 During the browsing it's about an hour or two of look but don't take, touch and try but put it back.  There is an order to what is about to start.  This little session is to get the juices flowing and eyeball those key pieces that you want to get your hands on first.

This is Jen Burton our lovely organizer for the Event. 

After the browsing dies down everyone writes their name on a slip of paper and it goes into the bag.
Each name is pulled out and written into a list which will decide who goes first to pull our their garment or accessory of choice.

We all gathered outside and wait patiently as each person's name is called and they get to select one piece each as they enter back into the room.  You hear a mix of Ohh's Ahh's and congratulations for finding such a great piece!  Everyone is very cordial here and no one boo's or fights over a dress taken before the desired time.  It's a great vibe and very laid back.  As things were sorted through more and more treasures were found and hung up.
In the end after about 5 passes on the list it is a free for all.  No pushing or shoving just a bunch of great gals ideally chatting and picking through the racks again and pointing out to others things they might of missed or that they want someone else to give a great home to.

At the end of the event it's a cool night, with casual chat, drinks and bags full of new bounty! This was so successful they plan on doing this event quarterly to help everyone with their garment change as the seasons change.  Keep your eyes peeled for other exciting things that The Gangway will be having!

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