Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wish list

I'm just putting this out there so Andy can find it easily and to show you the kinds of things I'm wishing for my birthday.  I'll break it down into two lists, the plausible and the more wishful thinking list.

1. Any bag camera Insert from Photo Jojo
2 .Diana Lens for DSLR camera's from Photo Jojo
3. Street Fighter IV 3DS
4. Le petit Prince T-shirt in a Size Small from Urban outfitters
5. Okamiden DS Game
6. Alexander McQueen : Genius of a Generation Book
7. Knitting Mochi Mochi Book
8. Wide Angel/Macro lens from Photojojo
9. SLR Bokeh Kit
10. A Witch's Tale DS game
11. Compact portable tripod for my DSLR camera
12. Dance Masters for Xbox 360 Kinect
14. Walking foot for my Brother Sewing Machine
15. Gathering foot for my Brother sewing Machine
16. Concealed (invisible) Zipper Foot for my Brother Sewing Machine

Wishful Thinking
1. Fuji Instax Mini Piano Black
2. Brother PE Design Lite Embroidery Software
3.32 row Pleater/smocking machine
4. Sony bloggie Duo
5. Ipad 2
6. New Back Car tires for my Mini  (I ended up having to get them myself)

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