Friday, April 01, 2011

Pattern Magic #3 -Book Review

Of all three Japanese Pattern magic books this has been my favorite so far.  I think because it hits really close to home for me combining the elements of drafting with draping.  Things that I can describe to other people or draw out but then they question me if that is really the right shape.  This book solidifies that I have been right in 98% of my freehand flat designs.

This book like the previous ones has very simple and clean photos on mannequins or models that show off just the clothing and not anything else.  The language of this book doesn't matter so much because the photos are so well done and the pattern details are clearly pictured.  I find that a lot of English patterns are too wordy and get more confusing to transcribe then they are to actually piece and sew together.

Here is a representation of how to take a plain pants block and spruce it up with some simple slash and spread on one side giving the pants that Ruching look.  Easy to do right?  as long as you get the general concepts and aren't afraid of the weird shapes you can do so many amazing things with drafting off of the simple block.

I like how in the picture below it shows all the different possibilities for the one pattern.  The idea of taking one garment and styling and wearing it in so many different options is something I look for in my personal wardrobe all the time.
I would say that if you are really interested in Pattern drafting and fashion design this book, well this entire series of books is a great investment.  The first two books Pattern Magic 1&2 can now be found in translated into English now on Amazon.

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