Friday, April 08, 2011

Little Houses

Today I want to talk about this strange little obsession I have with little houses and buildings.  No I'm not into Doll houses, those are too large and most of the concern is the interior and decorating it.   I like mine with clean lines and simple.  Today Craftzine presented me with this image in my e.mail today and I just swooned.  My favorite is the full Cardboard one.

This is an installment of my favorite that I pulled from the Artist's website,  Nina Lindgren

This is a better view of another one by Ana Serrano and the close up below.

 This is a Plush representation of Paris and NYC I believe that I had been saving in my inspiration folder.  Unfortunately I don't remember the source for the original image.  One day I am going to make my own version of this for my guest room.
This little house ring has been on my Etsy Favorites forever from J Davis Studio.  It is just simple and modern.

Like I said before I'm not much for the interiors of doll houses but if I was this would be the perfect thing. Little cardboard furniture from a book on Etsy.  Which is also from Muiji.

I'm not sure what it is or why I am drawn to such architectural shapes. Even when I do my little personal water color projects I always seem to be enthralled with depicting a skyline or building features.  It is never based off a real city just my little imagination.

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