Thursday, April 07, 2011


WOW this week kind of went by fast.  It has been a struggle for me to make and think of new and exciting content.  Having a blog is sometimes like homework, you feel the need to do something everyday to give your readers something but at the same time certain posts can be a drag.  I like to try and keep up and make it a mental exercise in writing and being thoughtful on my life and projects.  I'm so happy today is a Thursday.  I have so many things to be thankful for that I am loving and want to share!

1. Being a part of an awesome group, The Columbus Crafty Cotillion.  Not only do they sponsor and hold amazing events throughout the year we are personal.  As a group we support each other in the good and most importantly the bad and dark times in business, craft and life. Being a part of this wonderful circle of ladies (and a few gents) is like having this super awesome dysfunctional family that get's along and get's things done.  During my tribulations this week on a fashion business level these people were supportive and on the forefront helping me to get that resolution and legal advice.  I truly feel lucky to be a member of such a elite force here in Columbus.  You can get to know the group more here!

2. Speaking of events that people in the Crafty Cotillion are participating in I am so excited for the Midwest Craft Caucus!  It is going to be a wonderful first time event in Columbus where we are having professionals from all over present to our audience here in the Midwest about setting up your business, etsy, legal issues, applying to craft shows, etc etc.  It will be full of information and fun!  The events after the daily lectures will include things like the craft show death match, make and take booths as well as a myriad of other local events going on that weekend.  I am beyond excited for this event!

3. Final Adoption.  We did it, we officially adopted our foster kitten Rambo.  We went in and did the paper work over at Cat Welfare. My heart skipped a beat when Andy mentioned that maybe she was on a waiting list or something for people to adopt (total lie he was just freaking me out).  Afterwards we bought her a new collar for all her tags and some new toys to celebrate the happy day!  Above is the hat we force all new kitties to wear.  Below you can see her with her official forever family.

4. Spring colored makeup.  This tease of warm weather here and there has gotten me excited about spring but with the weather the way it is I feel the only way to project my love for colors is going to have to be in my eyes for now.  Makeup used is Lime Crime magic dust shadows, Toki Doki liquid eyeliner from Sephora

5. Fresh made Takoyaki.  Seriously nothing beats fresh made foods especially the delicious Asian varieties.  Today was the soft opening for Foodie Cart at the Mickey's Late Night Slice Short North location.  You can actually see the Miss at work through the window tirelessly turning and checking on the little round morsels.  This was the main reason my TiLT was so late to post today.  I wanted to make sure I could hit them up and really make today fantastic!

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