Monday, April 25, 2011

Nordic Knitting - Book Review

This is another one of my favorite books that I have gotten from Japan.  Another great find on etsy through the seller Pompadour. The cover caught my eye instantly and I knew it would hold oodles of secrets or at the least fun patterns.  It's true these techniques could of all been learned separately or through English language books but I also prefer the clear photos and charts in the Japanese craft books.

To my complete surprise and joy I found that this was marked with not only Japanese text but English as well!  Not the entire book or all the patterns but all of the explanations on the different stitches and forms.

Per usual they had great photos first and then they had several pages of instructions and charts with patterns in the back of the book to correspond with everything you were eye candy staring at before.

I've been working on my own spiral scarf, it is really fun and relaxing more so then knitting anything else lately.  Just watching with each set and the spiral get's longer and longer is very fulfilling. 

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