Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Getting back in the Groove

 I know I haven't done an OTD in a while.  My excuse is that I am totally done with Winter clothes but here in the Midwest that damn groundhog cursed us with an extra long snap of cold.  I have been surviving although begrudgingly.  Layering is my best weapon to stay fashionable in these random rain, hail, snow, sun conditions.  My hair has also lengthened quite a bit over this winter, you also may have noticed there are no fun colors in my hair lately.  The lack of color is due to a promise I made my best friend, that I will have "normal" colored hair for her wedding as her Maid of Honor.  Let me tell you that is a lot of love right there.  I'm not even sure I would do that for anyone else in this world. 

I am wearing
Mossimo Grey Striped Shirt - Target $15 on sale
Black tulle dress (re-draped by moi) - $15 on sale
ReRock Skinn Jeans - Express $25 with 50% coupon
Betsey Johnson Tartan Heels - DSW $79.99
Curiouser & Curiouser Necklace - Untamed Menegarie on Etsy
Random Swarovski Crystal earrings - made by me

I found it sort of amusing that the most expensive thing I am wearing are my shoes which would cover the least amount of my body aside from the accessories.  The dress I am wearing is normally just a straight A-lined skirt.  It had these ties to cinch the back which I found kind of pointless since it is an entirely elastic smocked back.  I use those ties and hiked up bunches of the tulle into a nicely draped bundle and set them in place with a bow.  Amazing how a little pinching and propping can change the look of an entire garment.  I took the cue from some of Style Rookie's own personal wardrobe outfits.  Amazing what these young kids can still teach and remind us in fashion.

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