Thursday, April 28, 2011


This week I've been a bit under the weather but there have been many good things to keep my spirits up!

 1. My new and first tattoo.  It was a great experience and even better that it was done by a trusted friend.  To read more about it you can go here!

2. Rare Book rooms. The are treasures that most people don't seek out but they should.  Especially if you are interested in the arts or history.  That particular picture I stole from my friend John's Blog post on the State Library of Ohio's Rare Book room.  You can read it here!  The photo is a print from an oversized Edgar Allen Poe book on the poem "The Raven".

3. New sunglasses.  With the warming up of the weather and the sun making daily appearances it was time to get some new oversize shades.  I love how they are very nearly too big for my face.  The bigger the better is what I like in my sunglasses.  It's like I'm channeling my inner Zoe.

4. Finishing up projects.  Nothing feels better then getting some sewing projects done, out of the way and out of the house.  It makes me want to celebrate and imagine my pincushion as party balloons instead of heinous little pricks wanting to snag everything. Not to mention I personally HATE using plastic ball end needles so I'm happy to get those things out of my house as well.  I have had too many incidents with the plastic shattering and me getting stuck with the wrong side of that pin into my fingers or hand.

5. Lastly is making wish lists.  My birthday is only two weeks away so I need to make a wishlist to send to my man.  This is one of my favorite things to do because I can dream and I know that I'll get a few things off of it plus a surprise or two.  He really is good to me and that's another thing that I love.

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