Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Before the Road

Sorry I've been a bit MIA over the past week.  I truly wasn't here.  I was amidst great friends in Chicago prepping for my Best Friends Wedding that happened this past Sunday.  I had the privilege of being the Maid of Honor, or as I like to call it Bitch of Honor.  I love my best friend a lot.  I ran back and forth in the city, parking cars, running errands and keeping her cool. It was also pouring rain was I was doing these tasks.  I drove in from Columbus, Ohio Wednesday night.  We met to run some errands and do dinner then I drove off to a friends apartment in Wrigleyville where I stayed till the rehearsal on Saturday.  Before I left this was the outfit that I was wearing.  Something a little casual and fun.

Drapey Navy Cardigan from Anthropologie
Tokidoki VS Marvel Spiderman Shirt
Navy American Apparel knit mini skirt
Harajuku lovers Yellow Jelly Wedges from DSW

Close up of my lovely shoes.  If you look for these get them in a size larger then your normally wear.  They are a bit narrow at the front and run all around a little small.  Since they are rubber they will not stretch with your feet.  I got these as a present to myself for my past birthday since DSW was so kind of give me a little discount.

I have a few more posts to make from my Chicago Trip.  Sorry these is nothing on sewing at the moment.  Currently my studio space is a wreck.  It is situated in the basement where we have a non-functional Air Conditioner that is being replaced tomorrow.  In preparation for that all the shelving and storage normally surrounding the HVAC and A/C was displaced to my area.  I'd be lucky to find my scissors in that mess.  On top of the missing AC we found our one and only bathroom to be severely clogged and turns out we need to get our main-stack water line replaced completely.  Now the final kicker I caught a cold of course while running around in the rain.  I am a tad miserable and going to work on some hand sewing projects till after the Midwest Craft Caucus.

If everything goes without a hitch in the house tomorrow for repairs we will be hosting Grace Dobush writer of Crafty SuperStar during the Craft Caucus.  I'm very excited about this!


  1. This is a really cute and fashionable blog!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. No, thank you!! You're so artistic, I'm envious~