Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fashion Industry Mixer at Roharik Studios

Several weekends ago I attended a Fashion Photography Industry Mixer at Roharik Studios where my pal Matthew Roharik was hosting it. He does this from time to time and from what I hear they are always fantastic. This was the first time I went because all the other times were short notice and I was already booked. With my life and busy schedule if it's not on my calender at least a week before you can usually count me out.

Since I had gotten the invitation weeks ahead of time I put this on my calendar with a side of guilt for missing all the others.  I was surprised and happy with how big of a turnout it was.  I went having no idea what to expect aside from the pronounced dentists chair set up for the photo booth.  The place was jam packed with people dressed to the nines!  It was funny to see the studio turned essentially club for this event having worked in there before on a photo shoot. 
Photographers I get. MUA's (makeup artists) I get. Hair stylist I get. models I do not or should I say Models/hair/MUA/photographer I do not get.  Pick your field and do it.  Do not try to be the do all be all model.  It's not pretty.  There were a lot of not pretty, I'm not talking visually just personalities and bad networking which is why I tend to avoid these sorts of events.  It was like every time a girl spotted a camera she had to drop shoulders and be a model and flirt it up.  If not for some awesome friends that I already knew there and brought with me I might of bolted like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

I'm not saying the whole event is negative or bad.  It was very well put together just not my cup of tea.  It was nevertheless impressive display of talent in our city all around.  It also did it's purpose in letting people flaunt themselves in front of the camera and mingle.

The good points were seeing people like my hair stylists outside of salon chair.  Her name is Stephanie Mahone.  She has been the one hair stylist that I have trusted to do my hair color in over 6 years.  Amazingly nice and a real pro at coloring and cut.  You can get her on Twitter and Cbusr

I came prepared with my fun loving friends Beth whom I work in the same building as by day.  Also my former intern Emily who I still keep in touch with and enjoy the company of.   We made the best of a frighteningly outgoing event by bantering with each other and judging others (I know, I know not the nicest thing to do but models need to be able to take constructive criticism).
Here we are totally not fashion uncomfortably out of place making the best of our shameless selves.

This is how other people used the Photobooth, looking all pretty and putting together intricate production photos.  Below is how we did it.  Once again completely shameless and just trying to make lemonade from lemons and drinking it with a lot of mirth.

On the way out I caught a few other friends that I've worked. Angela the model in the middle who I've worked with countless times and my favorite Photographer to work with Chip Willis.  His work is amazing.  Check out his Blog and Portfolio when you get a chance (NSFW)

Finally here are the photos the came out of our silliness from the Event Wall.

Hope you enjoyed the lemonade!

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