Wednesday, May 18, 2011

OH Giveaways!

What don't people love about them?
I am hoping to win myself an Ipad 2 through this particular Giveaway on "Design for Mankind"

I implore you not to enter with me so my chances are higher (no seriously I want this Ipad 2)
But if you must here is the Link and a little less of a friendship from me ( I kid!).

Serious friends the Ipad 2 is very coveted by me and well a bit out of my expenses.  I imagine being able to endless enjoy ebooks, some knitting patterns have at hand entertainment in the form of Netflix and Angry Birds.  Realistically it would be a welcome companion to keep up with all the blogs I read and quite a bit lighter then toting around my netbook whom I am still in love with but alas your little screen is evil to my eyes.  Not to mention all the cute cases out there for these slim goodies.

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