Friday, May 06, 2011

Altering Time

This shirt was once a dress.  Another treasure I procured from the Flea Swap at The Gangway.
The dress looked roomy enough until I tried to put it on.  I could barely zip it up and the bell shape was completely lost. I took out the side seams and went to the maximum safe seam allowance to no avail.  I ended up chopping it in half and using the bottom fabric to inset a box pleat to the back seam where the zipper was to make it into this cute shirt. It worked out really well since it also helped to balance the design since there were already the box pleats in the sleeves of the dress making another one with the larger bow in the back.  I was so in love with the sleeves I couldn't just part with this without trying to make it work.  It's funny because everyone who has seen is so far has asked me if it's vintage.  I'm not sure myself.  Someone else made it I can tell b/c the inside isn't professionally finished and I can see someone else has taken it in and out several times.  Whomever originally sewed this garment together was not an especially experienced sewer but they got the job done and it looked great from the outside.

With it I am wearing my silver little Tomcat locket, Express Re-rock ultra skinny jeans, pearl white globe earrings and my new Gold BCBGeneration shoes.

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