Monday, May 16, 2011

The Olsen Twins

I need to start by saying these girls are FANTASTIC.  Despite the fame from being child stars on Full House they have risen above it all to be respectable designers and grown up celebrities.  It is scary and amazing how much these twins are worth, that however isn't why I wanted to bring this article to attention.  Like I said just a few moments ago they have made themselves respectable in a way that most celebrities who try to be designers have not.  They are not trying to launch off of their own name and fame like so many haplessly do.  In fact they were quite the opposite wanting no one to really know their connection and keeping it on the hush.  They are also designing after my own heart, knowing their price range and being practical with who can afford it.  Despite their own youth they are setting their demographic for the older more mature women who has been in her career path and successful for a while.  Very much the same demographic that I like to design for myself.  Sure there are some younger people who can afford them and me but not so many do because they are wanting to dress for trends and be flashy as opposed to stoic and well dressed with an edge.
I feel like this article really shows how their maturity far surpasses that of some other current NYC designers that have been in this game longer.  These girls are powers to keep a lookout for with their thoughtfulness and head for business.

Enjoy the Article!


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