Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Restful Healing

Some people ask me how I can run around and do so many things.  Well it doesn't come without a price.  I get worn down like everyone else and this week has been especially bad.  I've gone and gotten myself sick with something.  I'm slightly hoping it is just the weather at the same time I'm hoping it isn't because I have never been a person held up by allergies. What started out with a little scratchy throat left over from a weekend of bar "talking" exploded into swollen throat, fever, lightheaded and loss of voice by Wednesday morning. No one can do everything all the time. I used this weekend to rest as much as possible.  I missed hanging out with a lot of friends and going to some great events but I needed the rest and kitty love.

Being home all weekend I did get a lot of things accomplished.  We cleaned the house thoroughly, did laundry, cleaned litter boxes.  I finally ironed a bunch of dress shirts, and did adjustments to some clothes I got from the Flea swap weeks ago. I also repaired our grill cover, finished the production sewing project I'd been working on for a client.  I watched a lot of Hulu and Dvd's from the Library.  Hulu Plus on the Xbox 360 is my new favorite thing next to Netflix.  
 Otherwise a reasonably quiet weekend with a lot of couch and bed surfing and oodles of water.

The one Event I managed to Drag my sick butt out to was on Friday,
The Independents Day 2011 Launch Party.  Where I had no idea that Wolf Starr of the SBB would make me get on the stage at Kobo to say anything.  We still are a long ways off but off to a great start hitting this event organization early.  I am once again in charge of the Craft Alley and looking forward to it.  I learned a lot from last year, this year will be much better.
Mark it On your Calenders September 17th, 2011 "THIS IS INDEPENDENTS!"

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