Thursday, May 12, 2011


Having been in Chicago once again this past weekend I have many things that happened that I love and I hope to experience over again and again.

1. Megabus.  Or should I refer to it as the reason why I love it, Cheap transportation.  Once upon a time when I was in college airfare cost a mere $90 for a roundtrip ticket from Chicago to Columbus.  Nowadays I'd be lucky to get a round trip ticket for under $200.  It is classier then a Greyhound Bus, double deck buses are fun to ride on for the adventurous, cheap, It has free wifi and 2 outlets per each row of seats.  It was also had some great timing such as leaving at 10:50pm Friday and Arriving at 6:30am Saturday.  They also make a pitstop so you can grab a bite to eat at Mcdonalds and use the restroom there instead of the one on the bus.

2. Chicago itself, duh.  This trip now having my new DSLR I felt I could take the time and appreciate taking some great photos of the city and the immense buildings.  I already have some fierce images in my mind that I want to photograph the next trip. Mostly the fountains that I enjoyed as a college student there.  Fountains in Chicago hold so many fond and relaxing memories for me.

3. Spring.  The new buds right before they bloom is one of my favorite things in spring. It is that moment right before full life and vitality.  It is like the promise of something beautiful and new.

4. High Tea.  Nothing more relaxing then being with a bunch of friends taking High Tea together in a posh hotel lobby.  Chatting the hours away while consuming delicious finger foods and desserts.  The macaroons and Meringues were heavenly!  We took our High Tea at the Lobby at The Peninsula Hotel

5. Using a Diana Lens for DSLR.  One of my early Birthday present from Andy before my trip was the Diana Lens from Photojojo with DSLR attachment.  It was really hard to get back into a full manual setting mode in my head but once I did the photos were wonderful!  Dreamy and a little blurred but in the good way that Diana cameras are known for. 

6. Taking beauty in the mundane.  This was just a simple photo I took at Tea but I love how it turned out.  Ordinary objects all around us having their own beauty in design and placement.

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