Thursday, May 19, 2011


Last week a bit rough and I feel like I have just come out of the darkness and awakened to a new look on life. I was having a bit of an existential crisis but I'm good now. Moving on with my life and some profound revelations and decisions were made.  It will be interesting to see what lies in my future the next couple of years.  To sum it all up I am a passionate person who needs to be challenged in my life.  What those Challenges are can be defined by a myriad of things.  What is important is that I know what those things are and I keep myself in check lest I fall off the edge again.  Depression is no fun kids and it is even less fun to talk about and hear from other people.  Best way to fight it is head on, get your bearings and remember what is important.  Don't focus on what put you there but focus on what will bring you out.  Triggers can be anything but they aren't necessarily the reason for your downward spiral and that can be a tough pill to shallow.

Now let's be done with this serious talk and get to the FUN!  Things that made my week that I love!

1. Finishing a collection.  No matter how small it is I was happy to finish my little trio of Squibs from Rivet.  They are like my stress balls at work, but I actually just pet them and pose them around my cubicle in epic fights against my mini Godzilla.

2. Green Tea Ice Cream.  I love how it is not too sweet and has this sort of grainy taste to it yet it is still cold and smooth.  It also feels not as bad for you as typical ice cream even though I know it's just a farce.  It is the perfect way to end a great meal of sushi.

 3. Ridiculous Karaoke. I LOVE Karaoke and this week I was fortunate enough to get a double dose with friends.  The best is when you get to pick songs for each other.  Like here my friend TJ is trying to keep up with Snow singing "Informer".  I have a few songs types I like to hit every time I'm singing. 

Diva song so I can Belt it out
Ridiculous Rap song that no one would suspect coming from a little Asian Girl (Eminem & Beastie boyz)
Duet with a friend
Song in a Asian Language
Rock out song

Last night my song list included:
I will Love again - Lara Fabian
My Name is - Enimem
Juke Box Hero - Foreigner
Sabotage - Beastie Boyz
Fu*k You - Cee Lo Green
The Sign - Ace of Base

4. Going to the Zoo.  We do this every year for my birthday and it never gets old or tiring.  I feel like every single the animals are doing something new or different.  The tigers were especially active that day.  I got a bunch of cute photos of them grooming each other.  We also spied a Flying fox just straight up taking a piss right in front of us, very odd.  The Artic foxes were hilarious because they were not all cute white and fluffly like their photos.  They were molting, mangy, smelled bad and yelling at each other while rolling in the dirt.  You can spy more of my zoo photos here!

5. A Mascot.  Lastly this week with it being a little rough for me I needed a little pick me up just for me. I picked up this little guy once again from Rivet.  I've been reading "Game of Thrones" completely unrelated to the fact that is it now an HBO series.  The idea of these kids having the direwolves was the first thing that popped into my head when I spied this little guy.  I had to have him as my mascot.  His Character is that he is a magician.  I like to think he brings a little magic into my life in that he makes me smile whenever I look at him.  I keep him with me in my purse at all times.  When I feel a little down or nervous I pull him out.

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