Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Influential People

This week I read the Time 100 most Influential people and sadly I really didn't know that many of them.  That is just kind of my life though.  It maybe terrible but I'm simple, I can't comprehend or follow all of what is going on in the entire world or daily news.  Unfortunately if it just doesn't interest or directly concern me I find it hard to focus on and pay attention to.  Doesn't mean that I don't think they are important I just didn't know about them.

This rightly got me to thinking about last year and who were the influential people in my life.  I know I won't have a list of 100 I couldn't even think of 100 people who were influential in my entire life.  Let's make it simple and start with just 5.

1. My Niece Hera.  Yes I am starting off with my 6 year old niece because she is intelligent beyond her years and watching that little nugget growing up and learning has impacted my life greatly.  It's made me wonder about that large questions in my upcoming soon to be married life such as, "How will I raise my kids?"  She has also been testing my limits of love and remember the most classic thing my Dad would say to me growing up, "I love you but that doesn't mean I have to like you".

2. Andy. My fiancee.  Well how could he not be such a big influence on me?  We live together and do most all our activities together.  We've been together for over 7 years and now with all the wedding planning we are still learning and growing with each other through this process.  I feel like planning this wedding is going to be similar to how we react and plan for things as a family unit eventually.  He's a trooper in patience and compassion towards my insane and negligent tendencies of things that aren't fun.  He's also pushed me to be a bit more domestic so that our house doesn't resemble my college dorm room.

3. Kilala. That's right I am naming my deceased cat.  In the last of her days she showed me the same unquestionable love that she always did.  She was in pain but even more she was trying to comfort me from feeling bad or sad about her pain.  This little creature had more love in her then most humans that I know.  It was never possible to sit, rest or sleep without her by my side.  She was unquestionably the best cat I've ever had hells best pet and companion ever.  To be chosen and loved by such a creature is an amazing gift.

4. My Dad.  He is a Grumpy old Korean man but a fighter.  He's a survivor of some serious colon cancer and currently battles diabetes and a wonky thyroid gland that has him on all sorts of meds.  He manages to still give me shit about everything with a smile and be as supportive of my upcoming marriage and life choices.  He is an old school in Korean traditional values but isn't embarrassed to tell me how proud he is of where I am in my life.  Through all the hardship in the past few years he has come out a better person and more understanding.  Even in his near 70's he's learning and adapting to the world around him.

5. My Mom. I'm extremely lucky to have two parents both heavily vested into my life.  Some people might think it is a pain but I am thankful.  My mom as always in my life is a wonder woman.  She deals with my Dad's grump daily as well as his whines and new strange dietary requests.  She is also not afraid to continue to be an adventurer and learn new things as well.  She started to happily join this Humana Senoir center and take classes in Card making, Scrapbooking, Zumba, Tai Chi, Square Dancing, among many more things.  On top of all this she is still super mom to me when I am sick or in need of an errand I have no time for myself and The world's Best Grandma to my Niece. 

There are a few other people I can think of that are not related to me but I need to ponder this a little more and make a new post just for them.

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