Friday, July 01, 2011

From the Mail

This was a dress I saw on Ruelala last week. I knew this dress very well.  I had tried it on in Vanilla Cream at Saks Fifth Avenue around Christmas time with my mom.  This was when I was still playing with the idea of just buying a dress because I didn't want all the pressure to make my own.  Which I have ended up doing anyways.  Aside from all this I still wanted this dress.  It was gorgeous and perfect and I knew I could wear it to multiple weddings since it's not "white" as long as I had accessorized it and such the right way.  Also it makes the perfect Rehearsal dress.   My dilemma was Soft Baby Blue or the Vanilla Cream.  The dress is by ABS by Allen Schwartz.

Through the help of Facebook polls and friends online via Twitter I made my decision for Vanilla Cream.
Here is my little saga and joygasm of opening up my pretty dresss at 1/3 of what it would cost retail.
I love how they have this little cut out so that the hanger is stable in the box and the dress and freely hang  around and wasn't being smushed by loads of peanuts or bubble wrap.


The fabric is a sheer Silk Organza with a poly horse hair 2" in the hem.
Tacked pleats and poly horse hair bow adorn the bodice
The lining is just a silky polyester thing with some light plastic boning.
Finally the Zipper is not what I expected or remembered before.  I think the original run used an invisible zipper but I don't mind.  Since having all that pleated and gathering fabric by a zipper is an easy way to get in trouble and have it ripped by getting caught in the zipper.

I've tried it on and it is just as perfect as it was at full price back in December.  This makes me excited and I can't wait till I can wear it all day before my Wedding.  I approve of it's craftmanship, fabric selection and color.

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