Monday, March 19, 2012

Kawaii and Sandwiches

I think this post ends my adventures in Pittsburgh. I got to go to this Kawaii (Cute) Stationary shop that I've ordered from for many years and try out the famous Primenti Brother's amazing sandwiches.

First let me walk you through going to the Stationary store Kawaii Gifts.  It is very easy to miss because it is off the side street down it's own individual alley that shared with one other store that sells jewelry.  If I hadn't looked it up on Google Streetview ahead of time I would of probably missed it and been very frustrated.
The narrow alley reminds me of Apkujung (a high class neighborhood in Seoul) in Korea where it is clean and cutely decorated to seem more like being in the alley is a privilege instead of an offbeat retail occurrence.

Simple entrance plastered with postings but the large window is inviting and you can get a good view of all the wonders inside.

Once inside it was like a Kawaii Forest of racks of San-x, Kamio and dozens of other brands.  I spent about 2 hours milling around inside touching, picking up and shaking virtually everything (because that is what I do at Sanrio).

Here is the view on the way out so you can see how truly secluded the little store is from the street.  he's standing at the end of the alley way where we walked in from the street.

After our Concert for the Final Fantasy Distant Worlds we went for a classy dinner, by classy I mean messy and delicious in our best clothes.  Primenti Brother's was exactly what we wanted after walking around and exploring Pittsburgh and a little bit of Carnegie Mellon all day.

We had some super messy but in my top 5 for delicious chili cheese fries. I could of just had those and called it a meal and a night for the food coma it induces.  We trucked on and I got a Black Angus Sandwich and the Hubby went for the Pastrami.  They were HUGE, amongst the normal description each one is piled with their version of coleslaw and hand cut fries.  It was one of the best things I have eaten in a long time.  I'm usually not a fan of coleslaw but theirs wasn't so much the Mayo as it was a pickled flavor.  I will be making it a regular thing to eat whenever I get to visit Pittsburgh now.


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